It wasn't unlike Sarah to leave in the middle of an argument. She hated confrontation, especially when she knew she was at fault. Leaving was always easier than admitting she was guilty of any wrong doing. And boy, did she do some wrong this time. She knew it. Holland hadn't done a thing to deserve it, but Sarah couldn't help the way she was feeling. Every day she found herself thinking less and less about Holland and more and more about Stefani. By the time Holland found all of the conversations between her long term girlfriend and another woman, the only time Sarah was actively thinking about her was when she was going to bed. Even then, she was only thinking about how she wished she was Stefani instead. Things had to change, and Sarah knew it. And considering the woman that consumed all of her thoughts was engaged, and to a guy, she was on the verge of trying to make things work with Holland. Sure, she wasn't who was constantly running through Sarah's mind during the day, but she was familiar and comfortable. But as soon as Holland demanded that she not talk to Stefani anymore, that was Sarah's cue to make her dramatic exit. She knew at that moment that she would rather lose the relationship she had with her girlfriend than stop talking to Stefani, even if they might never be what Sarah wanted them to be.

"Where have you been, Sarah?" That was the first thing Sarah heard from Holland when she finally came home from Stefani's. She was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, her eyes burning into the woman she loved. Sarah's tantrums where she would disappear usually lasted no more than a half hour before she would come back to apologize and everything would be back to normal. When she disappeared for hours, Holland knew exactly where Sarah had been. She was old, really old, but she wasn't stupid. Sarah's silence as she set her purse down on the kitchen counter and sat down across from her all but confirmed her suspicions. They sat in silence for a few moments without making eye contact, knowing where this was about to go.

"Did you get it out of your system?" Even though she was the angriest she had ever been at Sarah, Holland was calm when asking.

Sarah looked up at her girlfriend, obviously surprised and slightly offended by the question. She took a minute to think about whether or not she should say what was on her mind. Honesty was probably the best policy at this point. "It's not what you think, and it's not something I'll just 'get out of my system.' I think..." She knew. It turns out maybe semi honesty was the best policy if she wanted to avoid things getting out of control. "I think I have feelings for her, Holl. And I think they're real."

Just like that, calm and collected Holland was no more. Pushing her chair back, she let it crash to the floor as she stood up in place. She leaned forward with her palms on the table looking Sarah directly in her eyes. "You're both fucking disgusting." Her tone was harsh and pointed, obviously aimed to wound.

Sarah let it slide. She knew she was hurt and she understood it completely, she had every right to be. If the situation were reversed, she would have been just as livid, if not more, but that wasn't the reaction she was expecting when she'd been so calm a minute ago. Stunned by her outburst, she furrowed her eyebrows and blinked at Holland. "I know you're upset, but do you want me to lie and say everything is fine? Do you want me to sleep with you while I think about someone else?" Reiterating the fact that she had feelings for someone else was, in hindsight, possibly a mistake. Admitting that she would be thinking about Stefani while in bed with Holland was definitely one. And she realized it when she saw Holland's face turn a deep shade of red.

"She's engaged, isn't she? I know she is, I saw it in your disgusting conversations." Obviously, Holland was trying to get a reaction out of Sarah and though what she was saying was true, it still stung to hear her bring up Christian. She hated Christian. Yet, she kept her composure and sat still in her chair, rolling her eyes which upset the old woman even more. Holland stopped for a moment and leaned in further. "I could destroy you both and you know it. Don't make me do it, Sarah."

If there was one thing that she could say to set Sarah off, that was it. Say every bad thing about her, make all the threats in the world to her but when she brought Stefani into it, that's when she had enough. "Yeah, you could or you could just get the fuck out of my house." The sound of her voice rose as got up from her chair and stepped toward Holland, pointing her finger to the door. When Holland didn't budge, Sarah took another step to her, staring her down. "I'm fucking serious, get out! You do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel better about your shitty girlfriend, but you leave Stef out of this and I fucking mean it!" When she started dropping profanities left and right, she knew it was time to remove herself from the situation again or it would only escalate further. The last thing she wanted was for Holland to make good on her word and do anything to negatively effect Stefani. She angrily snatched her purse back into her hand and headed for the door. "You have a week to get your shit out of here or I'll fucking burn it all." With that, she slammed the door behind her and sarcastically called back, "Have a nice, miserable life!" Could she have gone without making the last comment? Sure, but it wouldn't be Sarah if she didn't try to get the last word in.