can i think about it?
By the time Sarah got back from Napa there was no trace left of her old relationship. Holland had done what was asked of her and moved all of her belongings out of the house that they once shared together. She might have taken some of Sarah's things along with them, but it was fine, the material things didn't matter. Sarah was just happy to be free, happy to be happy in general which was not how she ever imagined she would feel when her nearly four year long relationship came to an end. She also never imagined falling for Stefani but here she was falling hard and falling fast. It was the happiest she had been in a long time, maybe ever, and when she got home from Vegas with a toothy grin plastered to her face, she felt as if nothing would bring her down. Until it did.

"Are you fucking kidding, Sarah?" Just the right words from the right person to make her come crashing back to reality. Between the breakup, the trips, and the holidays it never occurred to Sarah to change the locks on her house after Holland left. And today, she was going to pay for it. Standing in the kitchen with a small pile of Stef's things laid out on the counter in front of her, was the wicked witch back from dusty death. She had a glass of wine, Sarah's wine, in her hand and another sitting next to the pile. Sarah, of course, dropped her bag in the hall and went right for it. If she was going to do this, she was going to do it with the help of her good pal Malbec. "I thought I made it clear that you don't live here anymore," she fired the first shot after chugging the contents of the glass down and reaching to grab Holland's from her hand.

"I see you've picked up some really classy habits living with such trash," Holland sighed, raising her eyebrows along with a pair of underwear that Stef had left behind over Christmas. She smirked, knowing just what buttons to push to make her ex-girlfriend explode. Sarah's attention quickly snapped from her glass to Holland, her eyes were narrow and she could feel the heat running through her veins. It took everything in her to not throw her wine, probably even her glass in the other woman's face. But she knew all she wanted was a reaction and all Sarah wanted was for her to go away. And to slap the words about Stefani out of her mouth, but mostly to just go away forever. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly before asking through her teeth, "Why are you here?"

Sarah's reaction clearly pleased the old woman. It was obvious in the smug smile that spread across her face. This was always how they fought. Hard and dirty. It was like a game for them and today Holland felt like she was winning it. "Let me tell you how this is going to work, darling." Sarah rolled her eyes and kept drinking from her glass as Holland continued. "You're going to get her things out of here, mine will be moved back in and we'll pretend this... fling never happened." Sarah all but choked on her wine trying to hold back her laughter. Holland held her up hand to her mouth to stop her before she could say anything and brushed her ex's hair behind her ear as they stared each other down. "Or I tell her fiance."

Although she knew Stef and Christian weren't engaged anymore, Sarah's heart immediately started pounding in her chest so hard she was sure they'd be able to hear it in space. She knew they weren't doing anything wrong anymore, but she also knew that Christian was unaware of who exactly had stolen his fiance right from under his nose and just how far they had taken things before it officially ended. She pulled the bar stool out to sit down before she had a full blown panic attack. All she could think of was how much Stef had going on right now with her residency and awards season right around the corner. The last thing she wanted was for this to get out and steal the shine that she deserved more than anyone. Protecting her was Sarah's first priority. After what felt like hours of silence, she looked up at the woman standing across from her, the woman she now hated more than anyone she'd ever hated before. "I... Can I think about it?" She sounded defeated and on the verge of tears. And in that moment, Holland knew she had won. She picked her purse up from the granite and bent down to kiss Sarah on her forehead. "I already told him," she whispered before heading toward the door to leave Sarah an absolute mess. "I'm telling him about today too. How it's a fucking joke." Those were the last words Holland said before closing the door behind her. Sarah couldn't stand it any longer, she shot up from her chair and let the glass fly, hitting the door and shattering to the ground. Her tears clouded her eyes as she sat back down at the counter to hide her face in her hands, but this was one hundred percent how she thought she deserved to feel after everything.