may 19, 2019
If there was one thing Sarah Paulson was not, it was a traditional woman, whatever that meant. So when she found herself standing in front of a familiar New York home, getting ready to do what she was about to do, no one could have been more surprised than she was with herself. Just like the last time she was at this particular place, she had to take a minute to herself before she could even think about stepping foot inside. "Get your shit together, you idiot," She whispered as she took a deep breath in and slowly let it out while taking the last steps to the front door. Before she had a chance to reach up and ring the bell, the door swung open and there were already arms of an older woman tightly wrapped around her. She hugged the other woman back while secretly hoping that she had not heard the tough love she was giving herself beforehand. The hug only lasted a few seconds, but just like her daughter, Cynthia Germanotta had a way of calming Sarah's nerves too. Magic must run in the family, she thought to herself. "Hi, honey! Come on in, we made you that lasagna we've been texting about!" She led Sarah inside the house with her arm still around her shoulders. Though, the thought of the lasagna made her want to run inside all on her own.

Her first meeting with the Germanotta's went better than she could have hoped. They were lovely, of course, just as she suspected they would be. They couldn't raise a daughter like Stefani and not be great people themselves. They made her instantly feel welcomed, like she had always been part of the family. She honest to God loved the time she and Stef had spent together with them the night before and tonight was no different. They laughed over dinner, the wine that Cynthia did not have to force onto Sarah this time, and the cannoli that she'd begged her new favorite family to make for her. The night was once again winding down and though Sarah was truly having a great time with them, she'd had one thing in the back of her mind that kept her from being completely present in the conversation all night. "I want to marry Stef," She blurted out loudly over the top of her wine glass while Cynthia and Joe were mid-laugh over a joke that Sarah was too distracted to even hear. They stopped to stare at her and sure enough her nerves came rushing right back with a vengeance. "I mean... I'm sorry, let me try this again," She finished off the rest of the wine from the glass and set it down in front of her. It was now or never. "If it's okay with the two of you, I would like to ask her to marry me. I would really, really like to ask her."

The three of them sat in awkward silence for what felt like hours while Cynthia and Joe looked back and forth between each other and Sarah. Her mind was racing, trying to think of what she would do if they said no. She knew Stef was the kind of woman who would do whatever the fuck she wanted to do regardless of what their answer might be, but she also knew how much her family meant to her. Just as she was ready to slide from her chair and sneak out of the house from under the table, Joe finally broke the silence. "We love Stefani, we only want what's best for her. You two have only been together for a few months and it seems very fast. You can see why we would be hesitant to give you our blessing, right?" Sarah nodded her head. He was right, it was really fast. Everything between the two women felt like it had gone at warp speed, but that is what seemed to work for them too. "We aren't saying no, Sarah. We're just wondering why it has to be now and why you two can't wait a little bit longer," Cynthia added.

Sarah paused. They had a point. If she and Stef planned to spend their lives together, they had all the time in the world to get married. The only problem was, she didn't want to wait. And why should they if they had both discussed at length how much they wanted to do it? "You're right, it doesn't have to be now, but I want it to be. And yeah, I guess we have only been together for a short time. In that short time, though, we have gone through a lot and I have loved her more than I have loved anyone in my entire life. I promise you that I will spend and that I want to spend every day just making her as happy as I can. I can't promise that I will always succeed, but I can promise that I will never stop trying." Considering what a giant baby she was, it was usually hard for her to talk about the way she loved Stefani without choking up at least a little bit. Much to her surprise, there were no tears to be found, only words, lots of words, but at least she sounded confident saying them. "Look, the two of you have created and raised an extraordinary, wonderful, kind person. She's everything to me and I honestly do not want another day to go by without being that girl's wife. So yeah, it's quick, but if it were up to me, I would have married her in December if I could have." She bit down on her lip and examined their faces when she finished, trying to determine whether or not she had said enough. They gave her nothing, but she was prepared to plead her case all night if she had to. When she opened her mouth to continue, Joe held up his hand and she immediately closed it and sat back in her chair.

This time, the awkward silence was very brief. He leaned in, still looking very intimidating, but the closer he got, the softer his expression became. When he was close enough to her, he reached over to place his hand on top of Sarah's with a smile on his face. "Go get her."