may 5, 2019
If there was one thing Sarah Paulson was not, it was a traditional woman. Following the rules never much mattered to her and she often did the opposite of what was expected, even as a child. So when she found herself standing in front of a familiar home in New York City, getting ready to do what she was about to do, no one could have been more shocked than she was at herself. It was dark and weirdly quiet for a night in the city, which helped when she needed to shake her nerves out. Though, a nicely dressed woman with a pink pastry box dancing it out in the middle of the sidewalk would hardly get a second glance considering where she was. "Get your shit together, you idiot," She whispered to herself and took the last steps to the front door. Before she even reached her hand up to ring the bell, the door swung open and there were arms already around her, hugging her tight. Sarah hugged the other woman back with just as much intensity and secretly hoped that she had not been watching her do her dance in the street beforehand. It only lasted a few seconds, but just like her daughter, Cythia Germanotta had a way of calming Sarah's nerves, too. "Hi, honey. Why don't you come in?" With one arm still wrapped around Sarah, Momga led her inside of the house.

Sarah had met the Germanottas a handful of times over the last six months, but had spent quality time with them only once or twice. They were lovely, of course, just as she suspected they would be. They couldn't raise a daughter like Stef and not be great people themselves. One of her favorite things about them was that since the first meeting, they always made Sarah feel like she was part of the family. They had always been warm and welcoming, and because she didn't have that close of a relationship with her own family with the exception with her sister, she loved to spend time with them. Tonight was no different. They laughed over dinner, wine, and the cannoli that Sarah brought with her, which she was promised was the best that could be bought in the city. The night was winding down and though Sarah was having a great time with them, she had one thing in the back of her mind that was keeping her from being completely present in the jokes and conversations. "I want to marry Stefani," She blurted out over the top of her wine glass while Cynthia and Joe were mid-laugh over a joke that Sarah didn't even hear. Her nerves came back full force when they stopped to stare at her. "I mean... I'm sorry," She finished off the last remaining wine in her glass and set it down as she took a deep breath in and slowly let it out. It was finally time to do what she came to do. "If it's okay with the two of you, I would like to. I would really like to."

It seemed as if hours silently passed while the two people across from her looked back and forth between each other and Sarah. Her mind was racing, thinking about what she she would do if they told her no. She knew Stef was the kind of woman who would do whatever the fuck she wanted to anyway, but she also knew how much her family meant to her and that she was a little more traditional than Sarah was when it came to this. Just as she was ready to slide under the table from her chair and try to sneak her way out, the silence was broken. "The two of you have only been together for a few months, so you can see why we would be hesitant to give you our blessing," her father spoke up. Yes, he was kind, but yes, he was an intimidating Italian man as well, especially when it came to his daughters. "We love Stefani, we want what's best for her and this seems very fast." Sarah nodded her head. She knew he was right, it was really fast, everything between Stef and her had gone at warp speed. "We aren't saying no, honey. We're just wondering why it has to be now," the older woman added.

Sarah took a moment to think, not about what she was going to say, because she knew exactly how she felt and why, but how to say it. The last thing she wanted was to start talking without thinking, that got her into too much trouble too many times before. "It doesn't have to be now, you're right, but I want it to be. I know you think it's been a short amount of time, and I guess it has been, but we've been through a lot together that I think most couples wouldn't survive. And in that short time, I have loved her more than I have loved anyone in my life. I promise you that I will and I want to spend every day just making her happy. I can't promise that I'll alway succeed, but I will never stop trying." Admittedly, it was hard for Sarah to talk about her love for Stef without choking up, but she was coming off confident with no tears in sight, surprising herself yet again. "The two of you have created an extraordinary, wonderful, kind person. She is everything to me and I honestly do not want even another day to go by without being that girl's wife. So yeah, it's quick, but if it were up to me, I would have married her in December if I could have." She bit her lip and examined their faces, trying to determine whether or not she had said enough. They gave her nothing, but she was prepared to plead her case all night if she had to. When she opened her mouth to continue, Joe held up his hand and she immediately closed it and sat back in her chair.

This time, the awkward silence was very breif. He leaned in, again, looking very intimidating, but the closer he got, the softer his expression became. When he was close enough to her, he reached over to place his hand on top of Sarah's with a smile on his face. "Go get her."