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hollandtaylor . 10h
hollandtaylor Just in time for Oscar nominations. How convenient. view all 1,489 comments mssarahcatharinepaulson You should honestly be ashamed of yourself right now. Delete it.

ahstrash WTF!?!?

monster4life DELETE IT, FAT.

chris420 i smell a break up

idkmybffsarah DID THEY BREAK UP? is sarah single now? 🙏 how soon is too soon to slide into dms? asking for a friend.

kmc3122 This is very disrespectful to Gaga. How can you be so inconsiderate about this topic?

ohmygbecki but why is sarah talking shit to her gf and defending gaga?

danidanny #truth

nerdalert01112 THIS IS GROSS

stan4ari what is happening in this world rn

stan4ari women vs women is tired. r kelly is the real enemy here.

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