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hollandtaylor . 10h
hollandtaylor Please stop asking me about Sarah. I no longer care to know what she is doing or the classless women she is doing it with. #thankyou view all 1,489 comments ahstrash WHAT IS GOING ON

ahstrash W H A T

ahstrash OMG!!

chris420 @mssarahcatharinepaulson r u a cheater

idkmybffsarah sarah is single now? 🙏 how soon is too soon to slide into dms? asking for a friend.

kmc3122 so sorry to hear about this, Holland.

ohmygbecki y'all are losing your minds over two old ladies lol

danidanny She's too good for Sarah anyway. Sarah has always been annoying!!

nerdalert01112 DID THEY BREAK UP?!!?!!?

stan4ari THANK U, NEXT

stan4ari this relationship was disgusting anyway tbh SHE'S TOO OLD sarah paulson out here banging grannies

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