i knew i loved you as a friend when we were sitting in your trailer, sharing secrets in each other's clothes. i knew i loved you as more when we were in a hidden house in napa, trying our best to behave. i knew i loved you as a wife when we were going through our toughest time and i almost crumbled, but you held us together with grace and strength. and today, as i'm getting ready to watch you walk down the aisle and no doubt be the most beautiful bride this world has ever fucking seen, i promise you i am going to love you forever. i promise you that i'm going to make you feel it every single day and that you'll never doubt it. i promise you that no one else will ever make my heart beat the way you do and no one will ever get the chance to. i promise that i'll make you mad and i'll push your buttons, but i'll always apologize and work to make things right. and i promise that i will love you when you do the same and unleash your aries on me. i promise you a lifetime of adventures, thot thoughts, cheek squeezes, trouble, ashings, and of course, loops brøther. i promise you my whole life, because there is nothing i would rather do with it than spend it with you. i love you so much, baby. you're my everything and i can't wait to be your wife. fucking finally!! let's do this.